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File: nido.org_1501677653852.gif (1.86 MB, 500×292px, 125:73, tumblr_olgwn4WEvg1vnq1cro2_500.gif)

15822 c253d6

Encontrado este pagina como otra version de 4chan en español.
Me gusta español, no saber exactamente de donde son ustedes, ¿pero latinoamerica, si?

Saludos del Japón.

15823 2d174a

 Lepe en Japón
Saludos Lepe.

15824 1c681d


15837 93d5d5

File: nido.org_1502489315129.jpg (753.17 KB, 1600×2400px, 2:3, 1a6c8320e3bd96ab64fba493e5277d51.jpg)

Japan is really a nice place.

15851 08f5cb

Been there on vacation. Would definitively do it again.

Greetings from Chile

15862 ef07ed

Do japanesse fuck a Lot? Or is this a myth? Always thought your society was reserved af, but a friend(from Japan) came saying otherwise

15868 0e9e16

Buen proxy, maricón.

15870 4fe69c

File: nido.org_1503465916306.jpeg (100.97 KB, 552×660px, 46:55, 8111B736-0F9A-467F-9B0F-4B0D9E260864-2450-0000040E9A3C0ABB.jpeg)

15877 809e07


15884 b332d4

>>15822 (OP)
holis :3

15885 71b0dd

>>15822 (OP)
¿Cómo van con las amenazas del waton Kim?

15895 c253d6

Disculpe porque no respondí antes, pero tenia examen de universidad y después fui a vacaciones.
Trato de hablar español, soy malo con las tildes(?), lo siento.

Chile! me gustaria conocer Chile, america-latina también.

Estaba bien su pagina y tengo duda de Chile.
>¿Este es imageboard grande, famoso, con mucha persona?
>Vi en sección de sexo mucha imagen gay y transsexual. ¿Hay mucho homosexual en Chile?

Thank you. It s boring sometimes.

Where? Please visit Kansai region.

No entender.


Es como cualquier otra persona creo. Gente del extranjero cree que porque en Japón hay poco nacimiento, japoneses no tienen sexo pero aqui hay mucho love-hotel para salir con una mujer.

Español es dificil!

15896 2d174a

¿Salen con mujeres y no tienen sexo con ellas?

15897 c253d6

File: nido.org_1504654946530.jpg (157.65 KB, 319×480px, 319:480, shamefurdispray2.jpg)

Sorry. My Spanish failed me. I wanted to say: Just because Japan has low birthrates doesn’t mean we don’t have sex (just like any other person). There are a lot of love-hotels where you can go with your girlfriend to have sex.

15898 67014c

File: nido.org_1504657457592.png (36.38 KB, 410×354px, 205:177, 汚いユダヤ人.png)

Are imageboards popular on Japan? (sites like 4chan, 2chan…)
Also, what do you dislike about your country the most?

15899 7b6501

is is true that pedophilia is a very free activity compared to occidental countries?

15900 14ced7

File: nido.org_1504675583281.jpg (341.78 KB, 1836×2798px, 918:1399, 20170906_135.jpg)

Hi, I just realized “Choroy” is a type of parrot, very cute birds. I was bored in the library today so I draw your logo.

I think they are because I have met other Japanese people in those sites, especially 4chan.,but no one speaks about them IRL

I dislike that
People is always busy, sometimes is difficult to arrange something with your friends
Japanese people having fewer children
Japanese people being too quiet, sometimes I feel I want to scream

Pedophilia is bad, children are protected in japan. You can see kids going to school or back to home alone, by themselves. And No one kidnap them or something. Those crimes haver very love rate.
Maybe you ask this because of manga or anime for pedophiles. These exists, you can buy it. I think is because of theses products that pedophiles are more “calm”, and they don’t harm real kids, they can have lonely fun with these stuff.

15901 d7e17f

Su dibujo es muy tierno ¿que significa lo que está escrito arriba?

¿Que lo motivó a aprender español? Es un idioma muy complicado.

¿Como ven los japoneses a los extranjeros, especialmente a los latinoamericanos? ¿Hay mucha discriminación?

15902 fe87a4

Hola señor chino, como llego a esta página tan alejada de su tierra samurai?

15903 a9609b

Is it hard to survive in Japon if you dont speak or want to learn your lenguage?

Im planning to find a job (two year work) and I think it's not enough to learn japonse.

15904 6cef6f

GO to baiborto you fake jap.

15906 f9f303

Do they still sell videos of real girls with very little clothing but no actual nudity?
It was showed once on national TV that they did that.

15907 ef6347

Exijo que el dibujo de este anon nipon sea banner de int.

15908 18a7ac

File: nido.org_1504946254546.jpg (27.18 KB, 300×300px, 1:1, loro-choroy-1-300x300.jpg)

Es mi nombre de familia Uchikawa.

Si, español es muy dificil, olvido mucho los tildes, los generos y los cambios en verbos. Pero creo me estoy acostumbrando(?) a las plurales. Yo no puedo pronunciar bien ingles, pero si puedo pronunciar español. Creo que ustedes deben aprender rapido idioma japones.
Llevo un año aprendiendo español, no se que tan bien voy. ¿Algun programa, series o películas interesantes de Chile para ver?

Creo que vemos bien a latinoamericanos
No creo que hay discriminación real contra extranjeros, pero aveces si hay desconfianza por no saber desde donde venir.
Pero verdaderamente, creo que japonese son muy ignorantes sobre latinoamerica, yo se cosas porque lei sobre independencia de algunos países y me sentí interesado, asi comencé a aprender español.

Jumping from imageboard to imageboard. But when I saw your logo I though it is cute, then I realized that is an actual bird, and I liked it. They only live in Chile it seems.

Are you German?
I think is complicated to live here without Japanese language. Especially if you are not a tourist but a student or worker. I imagine it must be frustrating to get sick and go to see doctor, trying to do transactions or communication with your boss or professor without knowing the language.

But if your work is within an international environment (with English speakers) you may feel better.
A lot of foreigners face sentiments of loneliness and lack of Japanese friendship, but it is because they don’t want to learn the language for some reason, and most Japanese only speak Japanese. I would never go to work to France without French.
2 years is enough time to learn Japanese, maybe pass intermediate level and go advanced.
What kind of work you do?

Never fake

Yes! There is a lot of that. Young girls and mature women are most popular I think. They wear swimsuits or very small underwear, or sometimes traditional Japanese clothes.

15909 541257

>¿Este es imageboard grande, famoso, con mucha persona?
Para nada, tiene buena afluencia de personas, pero yo no lo llamaría popular o famoso.

>Vi en sección de sexo mucha imagen gay y transsexual. ¿Hay mucho homosexual en Chile?

Entraste a /s/, board exclusivo para la diversidad sexual, el board "porno" normal es /p/.

>¿Algun programa, series o películas interesantes de Chile para ver?
No te recomiendo ver programas chilenos para aprender español, aquí el español se habla bastante rápido, con modismos y no muy bien pronunciado. Te recomiendo ver cualquier serie o película DOBLADA al español. Los doblajes son generalmente hechos en estudios de doblaje mexicanos, y se usa un español bien pronunciado y sin acento.

>Yes! There is a lot of that. Young girls and mature women are most popular I think. They wear swimsuits or very small underwear, or sometimes traditional Japanese clothes.

I think that is called "gravure idols", right? I mean the young ones.

15910 541257

File: nido.org_1504984044145.jpg (44.13 KB, 640×290px, 64:29, maximum-the-hormone.jpg)

I forgot to ask. How famous is this band (Maximum the hormone - pic related) over there? They come here in October, maybe i'll go to the concert.

15947 c11914

Oh pajarito, pajarito bonito.

15953 0f546d

Loro japonés:
Tengo un amigo que está aprendiendo japonés. ¿Qué página o recurso le recomienda para que practique el idioma como japoneses reales vía Internet?

15955 186229

casualmente me tope con esta pagina haciendo una busqueda de imagen, nunca antes me habia enterado de la existencia de este sitio, alguna razon por la que sea tan oculto este lugar?

15956 2d174a

No es para nuebitos de Hispaborto.

15957 186229

solo browseo 8chan

15958 199604

el 90% de las personas que visitan este IB son Chilenos tal vez por eso, es como que yo me encontrara con un chan mexicano. ni siquiera sé si hay!

15959 2d174a

Lolnada es mexicano.

15960 7545f1

No es un sitio tan famoso porque un venezolano todavía no nos dedica un video, tampoco queremos resaltar tanto.
Por casualidad nos podrías postear la imagen que buscabas?

15961 d0261c


15965 c253d6

I think most people know them because of some anime opening. I am guilty of that, actually haven’t listen much of their work. Are they popular in Chile?

Es pregunta dificil porque yo aprendi idioma japones como cualquier otro japones.. Pero, conozco una estudianta de Francia y dijo usan libros llamados みんなの日本語.

15974 6e49c6

I really would like to go to Japan someday. I'm studying here in France and if everything goes well in three more years I should be free to choose an institute somewhere in the world to work there for a year or two as a research assistant. I'm lucky that in Japan they are very good in the things I study, so perhaps there is my opportunity.
Also I'm an example of someone living in France knowing absolutely nothing of French lol, I have managed to survive with some english and spanish but I'ts not that easy and I have to endure a lot of embarrassing situations.

私 は にほんご を べんきょうしている, まだ あまり わかりません。

In order to learn more spanish I recommend you El reemplazante. Is a tv-series about a guy who finishes his sentence in prison and begins to teach mathematics in a public school in Chile. It's a really good series and you can find it on Netflix with subtitles.

16165 c253d6

It’s more difficult or unpleasant to live in Japan without Japanese, because Japanese people in general suck at English. They will not like they understand but actually they are confused AF.
Koreans are better at English.


I got El reemplazante, will watch it. Thank you.

16174 1b4ed9

¿Puedes puedes un par de fotos de tu entorno (ciudad, casa, universidad, restaurant, etc.)?

16192 cc986a


16257 1b4ed9

Ya pos, chino culiao.

16265 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508390937779.jpg (2.17 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_150109.jpg)

Today I took some pictures of my University. 1/10

16266 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508390976151.jpg (2.22 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_145852.jpg)


16267 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391034981.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_161055.jpg)


16268 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391070877.jpg (2.45 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_145929.jpg)


16269 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391101875.jpg (2.63 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_150004.jpg)


16270 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391118162.jpg (2.53 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_145543.jpg)


16271 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391157467.jpg (2.84 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_160751.jpg)


16272 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391206437.jpg (2.48 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_150133.jpg)


16273 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391248823.jpg (2.57 MB, 1836×3264px, 9:16, 20171018_160624.jpg)


16274 9ef154

File: nido.org_1508391263135.jpg (2.17 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 20171018_150501.jpg)


16275 ff2d74

File: nido.org_1508391468665.jpg (1.82 MB, 1836×3264px, 9:16, 01 20171018_153234.jpg)

In the cafeteria, not much people today… 1/2

16276 ff2d74

File: nido.org_1508391523439.jpg (1.77 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 01 20171018_151019.jpg)

not many* people today… 2/2

16277 ff2d74

File: nido.org_1508391545767.jpg (2.14 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 02 20171018_150148.jpg)

Entrance to Yoshida Shrine. Good place to go think about stuff.

16278 ff2d74

File: nido.org_1508391572744.jpg (2.43 MB, 3264×1836px, 16:9, 02 20171018_150205.jpg)

Small street going home

16279 ff2d74

File: nido.org_1508391586483.jpg (1.66 MB, 1836×3264px, 9:16, 01 20171015_184338.jpg)

Look what I found!

16280 2d174a

Chino culiao, ese no lo venden ni acá.

16285 1d0f25

I like those little street you have there in Japan. Your neighbordhood looks really nice and quiet. What are you studying?


Es de concha y toro. Al parecer es un vino enfocado a Corea del sur.

"Fácil, aprovechamos su nombre, ya que remite a una especie típica de Chile y lo unimos con el amor que este país siente por los animales pequeños y con toda su cultura Kawaii"


16288 c253d6

File: nido.org_1508460304645.jpg (93.19 KB, 630×500px, 63:50, Pu.jpg)

Haha, I looked up “pudu”, very cute. First the Choroy parrot, now this. Do you have more cute small animals?

Actually, I just entered in master program this semester. I am in environmental studies.

Also, I am watching El Reemplazante, the character Flavia is so hot… There are a lot of girls like that in Chile?

16289 9e182f


16290 109e02

Chile is surrounded by cute little birds and mammals too, like colibris, chinchillas, little frogs and so on. Girls are fine tho but we dont support racemixing

16294 373eee

Look at those clean streets. Here you will find sidewalks filled with trash, ponds of urine and piles of dog shit.
The third world is not a political division.

16295 109e02

Valparaiso must be your place m8. Cochinos culiaos

16296 c4d95e

Girls like Flavia are very common here, at least in the good parts of the capital.

16297 d14b27

Don't be delusional. Most of Chile is filthy.

16301 08ba5c

Like every country in the world, Japan is not de exception.

16304 109e02

>muh santiago
>muh valparaiso
>muh great north
Sure theyre filthy. That doesn't even makes the half of the country. Perhaps you don't know the rest of Chile, bc we know how to keep it neat, unless the niggers arrive.

16307 08ba5c

>de exception
Mai inglish sacs.

16347 3d989d

are you still here?????

16350 c253d6

I am, just kind of busy with classes. I didn’t notice you made my drawing a banner!
I was trying to understand your /b/


16361 c11178

Do the japanese use any website or software to download their music? I'm searching some old japanese band's albums but i can't find anything

16362 8c7c0d

File: nido.org_1509570684201.jpg (74.81 KB, 480×854px, 240:427, 150951031713.jpg)

El 4chan en español es hispaborto

16363 2d174a

Anda y regresa a tu basurero entonces.

16364 c8537a

Que vuelva con esos autistas si lo prefiere, nadie lo invitó.

16366 f54db0


16370 cd88be

File: nido.org_1509748159745.jpg (34.77 KB, 480×397px, 480:397, 150905777653.jpg)

Don't try to understand /b/, they write worse than in other board and probably you will end understanding a shit.

¿Probaste con Soulseek?

16375 fe83f7


16384 9185b5

>>15822 (OP)
the higest turistic appeal of Chile to foreigners is mostly "nature-tourism" because the wide divesity of natural environments/climates you can found around the country, (Almost every climate except tropical and other ones too specific, but we have a sub-tropical island in Easter island.)

Anon history/geography teacher here.

16408 25a5da

File: nido.org_1511020759117.jpg (44.06 KB, 336×475px, 336:475, minna no nihongo.jpg)

This one, right?

16415 512063

File: nido.org_1511033840883.jpg (527.96 KB, 1200×961px, 1200:961, 1510429918537.jpg)

Why young japaneses arent interested in cars anymore,its too har to get a driver's License??
Japan still make interesting/nice/strange looking cars, sadly not too many reach overseas. Id like to have a Suzuki Alto Works ;_;

16449 2009b7

File: nido.org_1511662760236.jpg (23.98 KB, 446×301px, 446:301, DB1.jpg)

Nice. I would like to see a desert and the Andes.

Yes. Actually it is a long series I think there are two parts for the first book, and other 2 (or maybe 3) for part two.

Why do you believe that? Cars and bikes are popular in Japan, but maybe people dont buy them until they work, with the trains and subways there no need to have one.
Your image is a keijidosha, I like those, small and short cars made for Japan.
A lot of those cars dont go overseas because they are made to fit Japanese regulations on transit and taxes.

16453 31d498

>Vi en sección de sexo mucha imagen gay y transsexual. ¿Hay mucho homosexual en Chile?

Te metiste al board de los maracos chino maricón.

16454 31d498

 Initial D - Deja Vu
¿Que opinión tienen los chinos de tu país sobre el eurobeat? video relacionado.

16460 56b12b

File: nido.org_1512087763554.jpg (286.77 KB, 1200×778px, 600:389, 62557292_p0.jpg)


I readed that in some Western blogs specialized in the auto industry, that young japaneses, the equivalent of the "millenials" of occident, are more interested in Cellphones, anime things and Videogames than Cars and bikes.

We got plenty of kei cars here in Chile Daihatsu was pretty popular in the 80´s with their Charade and Cuore/Mira models, you can still find a lot of them still running, they even attemped to sell the Copen some years ago, but that didnt work. Same happened with Suzuki with the Fronte, Super Carry and the Samurai on the 80-90´s and now the Jimny is still available and still sells pretty well and ugly indian made version of the Alto.

16476 a0cc3f

Do you have any hobbies like games, anime, reading, etc?
Who's your favourite AV actress?

16477 287117

En Chile tenemos a un chino que todos aman llamado yuhui ¿Es pariente tuyo?

16478 c2010f

File: nido.org_1512766883032.jpeg (138.15 KB, 639×787px, 639:787, E4B1D1B7-568B-4E5C-A6A0-9B8181EBCED0.jpeg)

Chino culiao fleto kek

16479 4fd527

Pero se agarra minas que tú no.

16480 c2010f

File: nido.org_1512781369625.jpg (45.14 KB, 515×495px, 103:99, YFBC1087.jpg)

>tragasemen de un chino fleto y hueón
<p-pero s-se agarra minas pu ;_;

16481 4fd527

Chucha, no pensé que te dolería tanto, guatón virgen.
(Choroy explota)

16486 9578b6

I like reading books and manga, I like old anime not current one. And I am into weightlifting.

Not sure, I am no expert in AV. I liked Ai Uehara but she retired, also like Yui Hatano and Julia because mature hot woman.

There is one, kinda ugly mature woman I like. Ryoko Murakami, I dont no why… she is a little fat, but she is like dirty you know, they way she speaks.

¿cómo poder ser pariente si es chino? Hahah

16487 6d69cc

Tu nivel de autismo es: Enorme

16491 29cfd1

>¿cómo poder ser pariente si es chino?
It is joke

16492 94fe6c

Show me some of those ching chong muscles.

16493 29cfd1

You forgot to say 'no homo'

16494 94fe6c

File: nido.org_1513402305233.jpg (86.15 KB, 1347×854px, 1347:854, Anal ass pounding.jpg)

This is full homo, i will cum so hard that it will come to japan from my home.

Dear japanese friend, do you know what gachimuchi is?
Could you help me to get some MAD videos from nico video of that?

16495 596b30

File: nido.org_1513625876254.webm (3.49 MB, 720×960px, 3:4, Daisuki.webm)

What Is the emperor and the Imperial Family role nowadays, they have a legislative/administrative power?

The emperor and his family have any importance to the people or only exists as figure inherited from the past?

16539 6e49c6

File: nido.org_1513727727089.jpg (26.91 KB, 601×413px, 601:413, Captura.JPG)

Normalmente el moe 3d no me hace efecto pero este me llego directo al kokoro.

16566 407c31

Por qué, conchetumadre, le escriben en español siendo chilenos en un board chileno?

16567 c2010f


16568 0f8a1e

File: nido.org_1514086184216.jpg (44.76 KB, 768×468px, 64:39, Takahashi Juri.jpg)

>tfw I am not getting qt3.14 japanese gf

The emperor has mostly a ceremonial role, he represents a symbol of the State and of unity of the people, he is our heavenly sovereign (天皇). The thing is that is believed that Japans existence it’s closely related to the Sun and the Emperor, he being representative of the oldest continuous hereditary monarchy still existing. Prime Minister is the executive power.

Yesterday was a Holiday because of his birthday.

Of course I know, ガチムチ is a Japanese word meaning something like “bulky muscular”, a type of male body. But I think it has become more used by gay men to describe other men. I am not into that so no sure what is MAD video, in relation to this word.

Didn’t know Chile is getting Kei cars

16574 3b5e82

also, my dick is nothing less than 9 cm long

16575 0f8a1e

Fuck off fake japanese!
The same in 4chan…

16576 c2010f

16611 494f73

File: nido.org_1514690171519.jpg (874.5 KB, 1460×1900px, 73:95, YukioMishima.jpg)

Op, What is your opinion about Yukio Mishima?

16613 35da55

do you live a stress life in there? i like japan but only for what i have seen in anime or mangas so …

also. do you like chinese literature? in this month i have read the 21 books of coiling dragon (panlong)

16614 509a86

File: nido.org_1514698485949.jpg (46.31 KB, 422×353px, 422:353, 1479706057896.jpg)

My nigga stop the bullshit we want some japan lolis, give japan lolis or receive banhammer.
Also, have you ever been in Tenli?

16624 b3f3ba

Hola, soy de los Estados Unidos y tengo un pregunta para nuestro amigo japonés. ¿Nos perdonas a nuestras acciónes durante el Segundo Guerra Mundial? Además, ¿que piensan tus paisanos de los Estados Unidos?

Lo siento, pero mi español no es muy bueno

16625 f1728e

Casi lo haces bien

16626 c2010f

Ya proxy.

16627 18dc74

Sí. Estoy usando un red virtual privado, pero vivo en los Estados Unidos.

16628 c2010f

Foto con timestamp o eres panchito el cesante con proxy.

16629 18dc74

I could write perfectly in English, if that would please you. I don't know what I could take a picture of that would prove my American citizenship without doxing myself. I do have a large American flag I could take a picture of, I suppose.

16630 c2010f

Go to the street or somewhere and take a picture, like >>15900

16634 5f28e9

File: nido.org_1515098047423.png (3.97 MB, 1632×1224px, 4:3, 1.png)

It snowed earlier today, so I went for a walk in the neighborhood. Nothing particularly interesting, just quiet and pleasant.

16635 5f28e9

File: nido.org_1515098099227.png (13.8 MB, 3264×2448px, 4:3, 2.png)

I did find some stale Christmas-time propaganda from the local church.

16636 5f28e9

File: nido.org_1515098152720.png (10.65 MB, 3264×2056px, 408:257, 3.png)

16637 c2010f

¿Ves lo fácil que era?

16788 f25ec0

¿Nunca volvió el chinito? ;_;

16993 1ba89f

File: nido.org_1520917854571.gif (1.9 MB, 400×170px, 40:17, bump.gif)

Bump por japo.

17004 f19bd3

Señor samurai postee algo nuevo.

17005 30f386

Tal vez se suicidó.

17006 c2010f

File: nido.org_1521222014410.jpeg (66.59 KB, 750×678px, 125:113, 28C43EE5-C4DD-41FE-A3D6-EE36B355174F.jpeg)

17007 30f386

Es una tradición muy típica en esas tierras, al igual que en Surcorea.

18242 5848c2

Te extraño ching chong ;_;

18268 5a9e11

Yo de chile

18277 b65307

File: nido.org_1534858502645.jpg (154.29 KB, 480×476px, 120:119, FB_IMG_15009375462958301.jpg)

21286 ede0d2

File: nido.org_1549783048088.jpg (112.6 KB, 720×960px, 3:4, 51907610_2085487511539037_3265766520537481216_n.jpg)

21287 969027

File: nido.org_1549787098444.jpg (29.13 KB, 480×574px, 240:287, DwKLwppXQAAqJrT.jpg)

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