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File: nido.org_1543078256308.png (266.59 KB, 720×304px, 45:19, vlcsnap-2018-11-04-20h13m44s220.png)

21038 30ed2e

how to deal with abusive parents as an emotionally unstable person

I am a former NEET and currently I am at the second year of college, I do not know how I managed to finish that first year after I was
he had been quite unemployed for a long time and I did not work the same, but I did manage to motivate me to try my best to complete the college,
it is my great desire to have a degree I would have done enough to achieve it
Yet I am an objectively very unstable person and as such I find it very difficult to wear the hoods that hope in the way
In fact, I dropped my exam at the beginning of the week and it smashed me and I felt disappointed and negative all week. What I do
even more is the fact that my parents are "clinging" to my study. I'm not talking here about a healthy parenting
worry, but about real emotional abuse. I live in the city I study, which is an hour's drive away from them and they
they often visit me and take home "to help me learn", this father's father came 2 times "to help me learn"
and now he came here on Friday (he was here on Wednesday) and then sat on that Saturday. This aid is reduced to me, and it is worthwhile and my own
stability rather than explaining the substance (I study something that is not really their profession) and it would be strange, I would not see anyone
my age that their parents explain something to school and learn the same things. Every call I have is not about how I feel
I always know what the college is and so, nothing else, and I remember that it was so in high school and primary school, only
I was curious about learning tears to emotionally blackmail me and it did not have any better score in the best grades
I have spent a lot of time in the hunger empathically emotionally injured by their constant revelation and worth. Likewise
Another example unrelated to the school was, there were some parties for the students I was really looking forward to, but on the day they were, my parents came in
and drove me home, and spent that night looking at the television. Also in the last 2-3 years they started attacking me
about drinking a soothsayer tablet, from which I become obscured and weak, because of them I become "normal". 2 years ago her own mother
he called the police to me and drove me to the madness where I spent 10 days with real madmen and scared to death. I think the Safe is the kid
he was angry with my dad, so he did not control and allow such things to my mother but nothing, he did not do anything except
said he had told someone in the hospital where her mother was doing what she did and what she was doing. Even then my mother was constantly bothering me again
in the psychiatrists and in the madness constantly and stand at what I once suddenly bumpy and forced to report the term to somebody to have me more impotence stim
bother. So even when I was in that psychology she literally screamed at my answers to her questions and it was clear to her
what my mother is and how he controls me.
I can not say I'm perfect here, much of what I'm missing at college is just for me. Naaime, I'm dependent on video games and the internet
and I have IBS because I often miss my lecture. but whenever I try to recover from it, they make me more emotionally unstable and unsteady
I have the little will to recover that I have. You really want to finish college and have some decent job and not be NEET again and live so close
their whole life

i used google translate cos write in croatian this time
what you think, how do i escape this ?

21041 f14495

File: nido.org_1543091404767.jpg (103.15 KB, 1280×720px, 16:9, import-export-2007-mkv_006962747.jpg)

Not sure if bait or you're that desperate, but if I were you I'd kill my parents and move to Germany with a fake identity.

Also, make sure you write your crap with proper grammar and no random break lines before translating. Otherwise you're gonna get an unintelligible mess.

21045 76d4ae

Yeah moving to Germany and having some working class job seems like my only choice here because when I live close to them they will just keep abusing me and wasting my time
Even working class job wouldnt be so bad if I get to live in some fun place like Berlin, its just such shame I want to finish Univerisity so bad.
For translating I must admit it hurts me writing about this because its so personal so I try to get rid of it fast, ill trx to translate better later

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